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30 Days Wild: A Natural Boost!

Expose to nature is well-known to help us reduce stress and induce feelings of well-being and calm, but did you know that alongside helping our mental health, nature can also help your body physically? It sounds almost too good to be true, but scientists have found that a connection with nature also helps us lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension and prevent production of stress hormones.

Step back from the buzz of everyday life to enjoy the flowers © Lawrence Eagling 2020

To help us all get more nature into our lives, every June the Wildlife Trust runs an amazing project called 30 Days Wild. They suggest loads of fun ways to get a little daily boost of goodness from simple things like listening to bird song, following mini beasts and watching a wild web cam, to more active ways to get involved, like building a bug hotel and signing a petition to help wildlife. Alongside their suggestions and (free) activity packs, the thing I love best about the #30DaysWild is the community that you join. We all love the natural world and worry about its’ future, but this June I feel part of something bigger, a community that cares and that gives me the extra incentive to get outside and do something good for me and for wildlife that I hope to continue for the rest of the year!

Unmown verges produce pretty wildflowers for pollinators ©Lawrence Eagling 2020

We will be getting outside every day and sharing our pictures and plans on our twitter and Instagram pages @Swimming_Head. If you’d like to join in the fun, it’s not too late! Get your free digital pack of ideas by signing up here or join the community online using the hashtag #30DaysWild


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