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About Us

Swimming Head Productions are a multi-award winning filmmaking team specialising in quick-fire documentary and social media films focused on connecting people with science, social issues and the natural world. From international research voyages to local short stories, we love to showcase collaborative projects through the community voice.

Through storytelling with a purpose, our films act to raise awareness and inspire change. 


Our films are screened at international film festivals, reaching broad audiences both online and through traditional broadcasting. Alongside our own stories, we also produce commissioned content for clients, including The BBC,

National Geographic, Discovery Channel, The Wildlife Trust and many more. ​ 

If you’ve got a film project in mind or are interested in our other services, please get in touch with us today.

Meet The Team

Our Story

After beginning their careers as marine biologists, Tasha and Lawrence's filmmaking journey arose from a passion for science communication and creative storytelling. As accomplished operators of Canon, Nikon and Fuji systems, aerial and underwater drones, alongside a Premiere Pro editing suite, the team are prepared for all projects and are highly versed in challenging filmmaking.

 Drawing on an endless curiosity and a forensic eye for detail, they create films exploring fascinating and challenging stories, aiming to reach people and inspire real change. 

Our Approach

Storytelling with purpose reaches beyond the content of our documentaries, to how we conduct our business through conscious filmmaking. 


REDUCE waste & carbon: 

  • Low waste. E.g. No single use items on shoots, use digital rather than paper forms

  • Low carbon. Cut travel & flights to absolute minimum, lightweight kit reduces weight, use public transport


(RE)USE existing tech solutions:

  • Virtual meetings and interviews where possible

  • Carbon neutral studio, all office, equipment and editing powered by renewable energy

  • Careful carbon offsetting against travel


RECYCLE everything possible:

  • From the office to our shoots, everything is sorted and cycled

  • Recycle footage, ensure creative use of existing materials


We aim to create low carbon, high impact productions, continually revising and improving our approach.

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