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Behind the lens...

Tasha, Lawrence & Herbie (the hairiest one!)

Hello! We are the people behind the lens at Swimming Head! A husband & wife team (plus pup) with a passion for documentary storytelling. We met while training to become marine biologists where it was a shared love of natural history that brought us together. The enthusiasm for making films started separately, with Tasha discovering how many people she could reach through her sunfish research blog and social media pages, and Lawrence through his hobby as a photographer. This all came together when Tasha was working on Portuguese Man O’War; long story short, when dozens washed up on the Cornish coast, a colleague kindly posted a cake tin full for her to study! We made a YouTube video of the dissection and the film went down a storm! It was this boost that made us realise we should just go for it and Swimming Head Productions was ready to launch!

The original sketch for our logo

Now we are planning a series of short films to showcase the stunning wildlife on our doorstep. In a world laden with concern for the state of our natural world, we want to know what efforts are being made to help fight on nature’s side. We have interviews lined up with real scientists, to share the latest ecological research and to put your questions to the experts! We will go behind the scenes to find out how science can help us against the biggest threats to our wildlife, from fighting climate change on a global scale to protecting small hotspots of endangered species.

Join us as we search for amazing wildlife and the people helping them to survive in a rapidly changing world!


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