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A breath of fresh air! Eagles return & air pollution plummets

This week for the Big Fishue, we have some fantastic news for #EarthOptimism! For the first time in 240 years we have wild white-tailed eagles soaring around the English coast following a successful reintroduction! The largest bird of prey in the UK, these young eagles represent a huge leap in conservation circles and how to go about rewilding our countryside. Since their release on the Isle of Wight, the birds have been tracked with GPS loggers flying all over the country to Norfolk, Kent and Somerset, and with two of the birds travelling all the way to the North York Moors. To read more about this fantastic restoration project and the amazing travels of these beautiful birds, check out this article!

White-tailed eagle - Norway - Wikimedia Creative Commons by Yathin S Krishnappa

In other news, across the globe cities are beginning to look at what changes they might make in light of the impacts of covid-19, with many aiming for a cleaner, greener future. In Milan, air pollution has decreased dramatically in the city during lockdown and to maintain this benefit to human health and the natural world, officials are trying new initiatives to reduce car use as people return to work. This includes transforming 22 miles of streets to boost space for cycling and walking safely before the end of the summer. This will increase the amount of space for pedestrians to facilitate social distancing and aims to maintain the new improved air quality levels! And Milan is not alone, Paris has accelerated plans to introduce 65 km of cycle lanes throughout the city and passenger cars are to be banned from the once busy rue de Rivoli, new cycling networks are being increased across Berlin, Mexico City and Bogotá, and although some changes are being trialled temporarily, it is expected that many will be maintained. Good news sometimes feels like a breath of fresh air!

In other positive news:

Shy aquarium eels in Tokyo looking for friendly faces to video chat!

Brown bears return to Spain; first sighting in 150 years!

Birds on the brain or bird-brained? Check out this quiz on our feathered friends from the Guardian


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