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Protecting the natural world in a nutshell; a conservation success story!

Exciting news!! We’ve just launched a new quick-fire series online to celebrate the natural world and the dedicated researchers working to understand and protect it. We challenged scientists at Queen's University Belfast to tell us about exciting new conservation research in under 3 minutes. At a time when good news is sorely needed, this 10 week schedule of 20 mini-films aims to provide a little boost of earth & ocean optimism.

My favourite part of watching wildlife documentaries is the behind-the-scenes peek usually shown in the last five minutes. It shows how film makers and researchers work to find and understand amazing animals all around the world. As part of the research community at Queen’s, we are lucky enough to work alongside an incredibly talented cast of scientists and conservationists and on any given day in the labs and along the shore, there will be dozens of fascinating studies going on. So we thought we would do our own behind-the-scenes series for conservation research!

Through the #QUBConservation series, we aim to showcase the very latest conservation research, and if you’re interested please do get in touch through the comment sections below the videos or by using the hastag. Your questions will be directly answered by the experts! We’re aiming to cover a wide range of exciting animals and ecosystems offering a whistle-stop tour of the world including local beaches, tropical rainforests, the deep sea and fun ways to get involved in research from your own patch! At a time where many fear for the future, we aim to offer hope, a glimpse behind the scenes where scientists are working around the clock to protect our natural world, with many positive outcomes that aren’t typically reported on the news. Join us for two new episodes every week (Tuesday and Friday) for a little lift and some super cool science!


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